Physical copy of the Old Trouble EP


Physical copy of the Old Trouble EP


"Thanks for being supportive and/or old school! I'd love to get a real, physical, hard copy of the record into your hands! We've worked really hard on it! Also, the art on the cover and on the actual disc is pretty friggen sweet (and something all those "online-only" listeners won't get to see!)."

Old Trouble EP 2014 hard copy includes:

- The real, printed record (to be sprinkled with good vibes and happiness before shipping).

- A personalized note from Liz in each package, sent directly to whatever address you specify.

- A shout out on social media (Facebook) to thank you for your support! 




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Track list 

1 - Laugh It Off

2 - Should've Known Better

3 - Swimming in the Wrong Sea

4 - Get to Know You

5 - Old Trouble



All songs written by Liz Fohl, except Old Trouble (written by Liz Fohl, Zarni De Wet and Britten Newbill)

All songs produced by Brian Packer

Bass: Derrick Wong

Drums: Nate Laguzza

Percussion: Steve Bone

Mastering: Dana White

Live audio recorded at The Fortress in Downtown Los Angeles. Special thanks to Chandler Harrod and the guys there for their engineering expertise.


Album art by Nick Goldston