Old Trouble

I am so excited to finally present my new EP. It has truly been a labor of love, reaching all the way back to my days in Boston 4 years ago. I wrote these songs over the course of three states, several different apartments, heartbreak, happiness, and summer adventures. I've put an incredible about of work and soul into this - it's truly been a passion project. I am so proud of the final product, I am so proud of my own music; this is a new and wonderful feeling.


To all of the musicians involved (Nate, Derrick, Steve, Chandler, Zarni, Britten, Nick and Witt) and everyone else - thank you for sharing your time and passion and talent with me! It's been truly an inspiring and learning experience to be able to work with you guys and bounce ideas back and forth!


To Brian: Thank you for your work and time. Thank you for your creativity and your willingness to sonically travel to the end of reason in order to find the right planet to live on. You've been the best heart-to-music translator I could've asked for. Ready to start on the next one? [Evil laugh]. 



Woohoo! Old Trouble! We did it!