I asked my Grandmother...

 I asked my Grandmother when she was last on an airplane.



"It must've been about ten years ago, when I traveled with your father his sister to London for a wedding". 


She absolutely lit up while telling me about the trip; everywhere they visited, walking all over the city, getting caught in the rain. They ducked into the front of an inn to grab a cup of soup (and I'm going to assume a pint or two) and "thaw out", as she put it. Apparently, Grandmother (or Mamuzzer, as we call her) saw some men in kilts, walked straight up to them and said "Is it true what they say? That you guys don't wear anything underneath there?". He quickly fired back "Well why don't you just go ahead and check?". Obviously he had never met any Fohl's, we'll call your bluff! Grandmother reached right on up there! 


At this point I am cracking up, can't believe my ears. I said "Mamuzzer! Oh my gosh! So… what's the verdict?" and she replied "Whelp… I got a handful of cheek! So either he wasn't' wearing anything or he was wearin' a THONG!".





Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's and Grandmom's and supportive women out there!