Back home again.... in Indiana!

"Girls Create Music" is having me back to Indiana to be a part of their Summer Music Program! I am so excited to be involved in an awesome program I wish I had when I was younger! Even my cousin Maddie will be participating! I had the pleasure of playing (barefoot) at this INCREDIBLE venue a few years back for it's soft opening - I can't wait to play there again! 

Look below! There's little 'ol me all tiny up on that stage!


This is the final performance of the Girls Create Music Summer Camp. We invite you to enjoy this opportunity for campers to perform their original songs with their own band at a one-of-a-kind showcase event on our main stage. Girls Create Music is a weeklong day camp for girls ages 9-16 with professional music instructors. Each camper will learn two instruments, songwriting, stage performance, how to work with a live band, and music theory. Campers will enjoy the opportunity to work with and hear from the dynamic sister-songwriter duo Lily and Madeleine, as well as from Indiana native Liz Fohl, a North Central graduate now a working professional in Los Angeles whose hits have been featured in Reis Nichols, The NFL, Red Cameras and many other commercials. 



Grab some tickets! Let's hang out! I'll see you there! All of the things! I'll have my new cd's available for $5 in person!




and if you haven't grabbed a copy of my new Ep - you can do so HERE, on itunes,

or just enjoy a listen to it HERE!




Old Trouble

I am so excited to finally present my new EP. It has truly been a labor of love, reaching all the way back to my days in Boston 4 years ago. I wrote these songs over the course of three states, several different apartments, heartbreak, happiness, and summer adventures. I've put an incredible about of work and soul into this - it's truly been a passion project. I am so proud of the final product, I am so proud of my own music; this is a new and wonderful feeling.


To all of the musicians involved (Nate, Derrick, Steve, Chandler, Zarni, Britten, Nick and Witt) and everyone else - thank you for sharing your time and passion and talent with me! It's been truly an inspiring and learning experience to be able to work with you guys and bounce ideas back and forth!


To Brian: Thank you for your work and time. Thank you for your creativity and your willingness to sonically travel to the end of reason in order to find the right planet to live on. You've been the best heart-to-music translator I could've asked for. Ready to start on the next one? [Evil laugh]. 



Woohoo! Old Trouble! We did it!

Pacific Palisades Shoot

Here are some cool shots from a shoot with Nick Goldston. We went out that evening to get a shot for the album cover (and we were successful!). I really love some of the other shots we took that day, so I wanted to share them! 

Football, anyone?

Last weekend I got to play at an event thrown by the NFL Players Association. It was a great time - really fancy beautiful restaurant full of larger-than-life people (literally, figuratively, etc). It was cool to see everyone having a good time - newly drafted players trying on their jerseys, current players, Hall-Of-Famers They even came up with some creative song requests (and one got up and sang with me)! 

Last fall, totally unrelated, a song I co-wrote with Peter Hanna and that was produced by Ian Franzino, was played in the background of a NFL ad for the Buffalo Bills. Funny how things are connected like that! 

Check the video up on here -

I asked my Grandmother...

 I asked my Grandmother when she was last on an airplane.



"It must've been about ten years ago, when I traveled with your father his sister to London for a wedding". 


She absolutely lit up while telling me about the trip; everywhere they visited, walking all over the city, getting caught in the rain. They ducked into the front of an inn to grab a cup of soup (and I'm going to assume a pint or two) and "thaw out", as she put it. Apparently, Grandmother (or Mamuzzer, as we call her) saw some men in kilts, walked straight up to them and said "Is it true what they say? That you guys don't wear anything underneath there?". He quickly fired back "Well why don't you just go ahead and check?". Obviously he had never met any Fohl's, we'll call your bluff! Grandmother reached right on up there! 


At this point I am cracking up, can't believe my ears. I said "Mamuzzer! Oh my gosh! So… what's the verdict?" and she replied "Whelp… I got a handful of cheek! So either he wasn't' wearing anything or he was wearin' a THONG!".





Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's and Grandmom's and supportive women out there! 

Old Trouble - Teaser Video

Old Trouble - Traveling - Planes


My goal has always been to travel the world, playing music and eating crazy delicious food all over the place. I can't wait to share this new EP with everyone, I really have put my heart and soul into it!


Check out the link above to get a taste of the title track, Old Trouble! This was the first real idea I had for the song (demo'ed horribly myself before producer Brian Packer got ahold of it). It started with a crazy loop and a blast from the past; immediately I knew it would be my favorite piece on the record. The video in the background is from a trip to a music festival in the Caribbean!

Soul Songs and Summer Soundtracks

Songwriting is intensely personal. You spend hours, days, years picking the right way to verbally and sonically realize an emotion you can’t otherwise express. You nerd-out about adjectives and phrasing - you exhaust all options. You write because it’s necessary; if you don’t, you can’t sleep, or you wake up feeling divided, like you haven’t slept at all. It’s not about being smart or impressing your friends, it’s about recreating life experiences, then absorbing and re-absorbing those experiences. The goal can’t solely be to change yourself or becoming a better person, but is simply about the process of accepting yourself. 

At some point, this personal songwriting suddenly becomes public. This is where I like to think of newborn tunes as conditioned little warriors. You’ve spent all this time packing the new songs with the armor and skills to go off and fight a million battles without you. They are contending daily for someone’s attention, striving to overcome the flip of a radio dial, the “next please!” of a mouse click, or to win the prestigious spot of “summer soundtrack”. Most importantly of all, they will be battling for someone’s heart. To break it or help it, to take on someone’s loneliness and let them know another person has felt the same way. It’s about relation.


Maybe it’s not even that serious - maybe you just want to make someone laugh, or tell your mom about someone you saw at the grocery store. Maybe it's about having a great day. Songs can be casual or deep; some are funny, some speak misery. Songs are the kind of things that start scattered in the universe, happen by accident, get scribbled on your hand (and perhaps transferred to your forehead during an afternoon nap) and finally, maybe, make it out into the world, whether ready or not. It’s a physical manifestation of thoughts and emotions. There is no denying the intimate connection a writer has to his/her work. It’s a representation of the chaos in your head, fluttering around with thousands of other thoughts, but coming together in one cohesive personal Pièce de résistance. As Pat Pattison would say, “Write Fearlessly” and send those little buggers out into battle!

Girls Create Music - Press Release

CONTACT: Alisha James, PR & Marketing Manager

(317) 997-5163     

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 14, 2014


 Girls Create Music and The Center for the Performing Arts Present the 2014 Girls Create Music Summer Songwriting Camp

CARMEL ­— As the Girls Create Music Summer Songwriting Camp heads into its 4th year, founders Heather Ramsey Clark and Dr. Monika Herzig are proud to announce they will once again partner with The Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel to present this inspiring, educational and creative camp for young women.  The camp will take place on July 7-11, 2014 from 9 p.m. – 5 p.m. at The Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts, with final performance on July 11 at 7:00 p.m. on the Palladium Main Stage.

“It’s hard to believe the transformation many of these young women go through in just one short week, in not only their songwriting, but also in themselves,” says Ramsey Clark. “This camp is unique because it unites professional women educators/performers to teach young women not only how to write songs, but how to overcome obstacles in the music business as young women who may want to pursue careers in the industry one day.  I know all the instructors, including me, are inspired by these young women every time we walk through the doors of the camp!”

Girls Create Music is a day camp for girls ages 9-16. Young women come for a weeklong education with professional instructors and will learn two instruments, songwriting, stage performance, how to work with a live band, music theory and more. This life-changing experience has influenced and encouraged many young women to pursue their love of music and to have greater confidence in themselves.

In addition to the full-time camp staff, campers this year will be treated to additional opportunities to work with and hear from the dynamic sister-songwriter duo Lily and Madeleine, as well as from Indiana native Liz Fohl, a North Central graduate now a working professional in Los Angeles whose hit “Sunshine Inside” was featured by Reis Nichols in a recent radio campaign.

At the end of the week, campers get to perform their original songs with their own band at a one-of-a-kind showcase event onstage at The Palladium at The Center for the Performing Arts. The professional caliber of the instructors, as well as the sound and performance quality for the final showcase, make this a one-of-a-kind experience for any aspiring young songwriter.

Prior music experience is not required, however, an interest in songwriting is encouraged, and instruments will be provided, though students are permitted to bring their own instruments if desired.  Some scholarships may be available as needed for students unable to afford the costs of attending the camp. Scholarship applications are available upon request.  The camp application deadline isMarch 19, 2014. Interested applicants should apply soon, as space is limited!

Girls Create Music is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2011 by professional educators and international performers Heather Ramsey Clark and Dr. Monika Herzig. Since its inception, this groundbreaking camp has brought together many of the region’s finest female performers and educators together with talented young women to create music and friendships to last a lifetime.  The mission of Girls Create Music is to provide future generations of young women with opportunities to realize their passion, presence and power through music. 

The Center for the Performing Arts campus includes the 1,600-seat Palladium concert hall, the Tarkington 500-seat proscenium theater and the 200-seat Studio Theater. The Center is a permanent fixture on the Central Indiana landscape and will provide an extraordinary listening experience for audiences, acting as a museum and education center by day and a concert venue by night. Michael Feinstein’s Great American Songbook Initiative is an archive, museum and education center at the Center for the Performing Arts, in Carmel City Center.

For your online application and more information visit

Piano Bar

I've got a bunch of upcoming shows this year at the piano bar Howl at the Moon at Universal Citywalk in Hollywood! It's a high energy, request-driven live show with a full band! I'll be singing, playing keys, bass, kazoo, whatever else shows up! I am there upcoming Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights this month! Grab some friends, think of some obscure one-hit-wonders and come on in!


Hello everyone!

We are currently working on a 5 song EP! The track list is as follows: 

 Should've Known Better

Laugh It Off

Get To Know You

Swimming In The Wrong Sea

Old Trouble

We will post updates and news soon!